Racing and high perfomance is the main key for JJ Racing. we are constantly working on projects.

The RavenRib is official the worlds fastes RIB with a speed of 102,45 Knot. Made in Coniston UK.

RavenRib have been designed over the years. it's a mono hull 30ft with to steps, hard nose.

This RIB has don some records around Sealand. And are used by a lot of people who want high performance over 70 knot. We have built one that have a top speed of 108 Knot with twin Verado 400R.

JJ Racing and RibCat One hold the record from Oslo to Copenhagen 265nm within 3,56 hours.

The RibCat is a Hydrolift 36ft catamaran costume redesign by us and is today sold to a new owner for some new project.

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